Organic Muscle Relief Essential Oil Roll-on

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This minty, earthy and spicy blend helps combat pain and soothe sore muscles so you can get back to doing what you love. Muscle Relief can be used for headaches and migraine as well as to help you wake up and feel energized. Apply directly to the area of concern and massage gently.

10 ml amber bottle with built-in roller ball for easy safe application.

  • Muscle Pain Relief: Peppermint acts as a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant that helps soothe sore muscles, neck and back pain. 

    Inflammation: Ginger helps warm the body and reduce inflammation to provide relief from pain, muscle aches, painful joints and arthritis.

    Headaches & Migraine Relief: Peppermint and Ginger both have the power to help reduce the pain associated with tension headaches and migraines.

    Natural Energizer: Inhale or apply to pulse points, chest or below your nose to improve focus, energy and concentration. 

    Improves Digestion & Nausea: Can be used to help reduce nausea and stimulate the digestive system for improved nutrient absorption and energy. Simply inhale or rub behind your ears to ease discomfort associated with nausea.

  • Organic Mentha piperita (Peppermint), Organic Salvia lavandulifolia (Spanish Sage), Organic Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom), Organic Zingiber officinalis (Ginger) pre-diluted to 10% with Organic Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (fractionated coconut)

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