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Why Certified Organic?

Organically grown products often have more beneficial nutrients and less detectable pesticide residue. The sustainable practices of organic farms are better for the environment, reduce pollution and soil erosion, conserve water and use less energy.

Offering Only USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils Under NOP Operation ID#5350000149.

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Ancient Wisdom

Silk Road Organic was inspired by the Silk Road and the rich aromas of perfumes, essential oils, herbs, spices, and the splendor of exotic minerals and gems that fill the streets and shops along the many routes. Our founder, Cindy, was captivated by the unique products, cultures and exchange of ideas during her travels there. To this day she continues to bring back the ancient wisdom of the Silk Road and incorporate her learnings into the wellness products she creates.

Quality Meets Convenience

Silk Road Organic only delivers the wellness products you need with the highest and purest of quality sourced from trusted partners around the world and designed for convenience and ease of use. We carefully curate and test each of our products so you can make the healthiest and safest choices for yourself and your family.

Discover Your Wellness Solution

New Product Neroli Roll-on
New Product Neroli Roll-on

Released this summer, enjoy the bright, floral-citrusy-sweet scent of Neroli Essential Oil, pre-diluted and packaged in a handy roll-on bottle. Sourced from the small white flowers of the bitter orange tree, neroli is distinguished from orange blossoms by the method of extraction. Our Organic Neroli Oil is steam distilled.

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Introducing New Meditation Blend

Our new meditation blend is perfect for adding to a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness, with its roots in Buddhist meditation, is the act of focusing on the present moment rather than over-processing the past or worrying about the future. Meditations that focus on breathing exercises and scanning the body support staying present and can reduce anxiety and depression as well as lower blood pressure and improve sleep.

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Defining Self-Care: Ideas to Take Better Care of Yourself, Breathe

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and if there’s one thing you hear more than anything it’s how important self-care is to overall wellbeing. What does that mean? Just as every person is an individual, what feeds our soul and nourishes our spirit—and what we need at this moment in our life—looks very different for each person and may change throughout our lives. The challenge is finding and creating habits that fit best with your lifestyle. The great news is that establishing one good habit feeds another. For example, if you exercise more, you are more likely to get better sleep, which will in turn help to clear your mind and regain your focus.

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Always Pure. Always Organic.

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